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How to Find A Good Psychic Reader

How to Find A Good  Psychic Reader:

Local psychics provide a venue for many to explore the spiritual realm with a spiritualist. Many people come to local psychics regarding questions about their love lives. Others contact local mediums to make contact with the other side. Unfortunately, not all psychic mediums operate with the purest of intentions. Many charlatans exist in the psychic readings communities that seek only to part you with as much of your hard-earned money as possible. 

Identifying a good psychic versus a con artist can be difficult. Mainly because we want to believe, these spiritualists hold our best interests at heart. Emotional distress also makes it easier for these fraudulent psychics to perpetrate their crimes.

Although many different types of psychic frauds exist, one of the most common includes the need to pay money to remove a curse. Generally, the psychic reader will convince the "mark" that a curse is responsible for the tragedies unfolding in their lives. Moreover, this curse manifests itself as a direct result of the individual's attachment to material possessions. Therefore, the only way the person is able to remove the curse is by showing that they have forsaken materialism by emptying their bank accounts and giving the money to the psychic reader to dispose of in a symbolic gesture. Of course, the curse does not really exist and the only spiritually symbolic transfer of money that occurs is from the victim's bank account to the psychic reader's pocket.

Another common type of fraud involves demons. The psychic claims that a demon plagues the victim stating that only a sacred ritual will remove the demon from the victim's life. The psychic reader then requires the victim to provide the money to buy the very expensive candles, oils, and talismans to ward off the demonic entity. This is a big red flag and if your psychic reader ever says to you that a demon is tormenting you get out fast!

A more innocuous type of fake reading is the cold reading. Generally, the psychic or medium uses information like a wedding ring, a picture of a child in your wallet, or some bit of information gained through observation to give you a reading. This type of psychic reading offers very little spiritual value to the recipient. Many mentalist and psychic entertainers use cold readings to amaze their audience. Beyond pure entertainment value, however, cold readings do not provide any psychic insight or spiritual value to the questioner.

Although many psychic frauds exist in the world, many legitimate psychics also exist. They provide reputable readings with honesty and integrity. Finding the right spiritualist requires that you perform your due diligence before hiring them. Ultimately, as with any purchase it is buyer beware. Therefore, make sure you do your homework before you hire a psychic reader. A great place to start is the Better Business Bureau or your local chamber of commerce. Not only will you find listings of legitimate psychic business owners but also you can find out about any complaints against them.

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Author of this Article : Frederick Gimino

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