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"Kal Sarpa Yoga" - The Myth and its Impact.

The Myth and Impact of Kalsarpa Yoga in Astrology

What is a Yoga?

The planetary combinations (yogas) in a horoscope are generated through (i) close conjunctions & close aspects of two or more planets in a natal chart and placements of planet(s) in a particular house or within planets or within houses.

Auspicious Yogas / Rajyogas / Dhanayogas

When two or more strong functional benefic planets form close relationship among themselves or with the most effective points of benefic houses, they generate good results related to their mooltrikona houses.

The Impact of inauspicious Yoga in Astrology

When a yoga is formed due to close conjunction/aspect of two or more functional malefic planets it is known as an inauspicious yoga. If two functional malefic planets form a close relationship, they cause an inauspicious yoga and destroy the results related to their mooltrikona houses. If one functional benefic planet and one functional malefic planet form a close relationship, this causes an inauspicious yoga that destroys the results of the mooltrikona house ruled by the functional benefic planet. When a functional benefic planet occupies a malefic house, this causes yoga for misfortune related to the significations of its mooltrikona house. Similarly, when a functional malefic planet closely influences the most effective point of a house, it destroys the significations of that house and the houses aspected, except the house which is its own mooltrikona house.

The Impact of Yoga/Dhanyoga/Rajyoga in Astrology

The impact of Rajyogas and Dhanayogas occures only if the planets involved are strong. Whenever, the planets ruling benefic houses conjoin or mutually aspect closely, they form good yoga (say Rajyogas) connected with the indications of both the houses involved, provided they are strong. The involvement of a planet ruling the house of income and/or wealth produces a Dhanayoga. In other words, mere location of a planet or a set of planets in a particular sign or house without creating a close relationship through a close conjunction or aspect does not result into any yoga.


When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu, the Kal Sarpa Yoga is said to be formed as per the classical literature. Complete Kal Sarpa yoga is said to be formed only when half of the chart is unoccupied by planets. If even one planet is outside the Rahu and Ketu axis, there is no Kal Sarpa Yoga. The results of mishaps, obstructions, vulnerability to black magic type tricks, etc. are attributed to the Kaal Sarpa Yoga.

Until and unless any functional malefic planet(s) forms a close conjunction or aspect with other planet(s) or house(s) they do not produce any Duryoga or even Kalsarpa yoga even if the technical planetary influences explained in the preceding paragraph are found in the natal horoscope.

The misnomer "Kal Sarpa Yoga" is being propagated by those persons who have failed to correctly identify the functional nature of planets in various nativities and have not been able to pin point the reasons for miseries. Any chart containing the so-called Kal Sarpa Yoga will not give bad results until and unless Rahu-Ketu or other functional malefic planets cause severe conjunctions or aspects with weak planets or houses in that particular nativity.

Under the Systems' Approach, the analysis is always done with reference to the placement of planets, their strength and weaknesses and their mutual relationship with reference to the ascendant, and its most effective point in particular.

The readers may contact us for knowing about (i) the imapct of Kalsarpa yoga in their charts, and (ii) appropriate astral remedies advice for the Kalsarpa dosha for reducing the impact of the same;   

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