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How will the transits of Rahu & Ketu affect you?

How will the transits of Rahu & Ketu affect you?

Predictions for all the 12 zodiac signs

Caution: First, we would like to caution you that this is a general prediction relating the Rahu-Ketu period lasting next 18 months. It is applicable to billions of people across the globe. But one must remember that these are general in nature. If you want a specific report about the specific effects on you personally, you will have to consult our experts. The results derived from the transit get altered due to the time scale called dasa-bhukti which depends on the position of Moon at birth. For  predictions  based on your exact time of birth.

Rahu is entering Sagittarius   and Ketu the Gemini, on November 2, 2009 and will remain there for one & a half year i.e. up to the end of April 2011.During this period Saturn will remain in Virgo aspecting Ketu.  Jupiter will also be aspecting Ketu from Aquarius from December 19, 2009 to May 2, 2010 and from November 2, 2010 to December 6, 2010. The aspect of these two major planets on Ketu is very important.

. What is Rahu and Ketu ??
Rahu and Ketu the lunar nodes are known as shadow planets. They are not independent planets like the sun, moon. Mars etc. They are at all times at opposite points of the zodiac like the head and tail. Though they are by nature evil and generally evil in influence, but by association they become capable of doing good (by association with benefices they turn benefic).
They are not real planets but are only the point of intersection of the moon’s orbit with the ecliptic. They're not technically planets but their influence is so significant that they're given the status of planets. They indicate the precise point of the harmony with the three most important influences in our life- the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. This relationship plays an important part in the enfolding of individual consciousness. They're unique in the sense that they're always transiting retrograde, indicating Karma from previous lives. Rahu & Ketu are the mysterious unseen points in space causing the eclipses. As they symbolically eclipse the Sun (consciousness) and the Moon (the Mind), they have a great part to play in darkening our perspective in order to bring in new lights. They are next in importance to the other two planets -Jupiter and Saturn. These four are the slowest moving planets and require maximum attention when they are in transit.No planet is 100% malefic (bad). The transit effects depend on how we respond to the favorable & unfavorable situations. Rahu has a positive side, offering great boons in communications, new inventions, technology etc.
Rahu is extroverted, affirming, and ambitious, while Ketu is introverted, negating and detached. As a result of our practical experience of several years we have come to the conclusion that rahu and ketu give good results, if they occupy the upachaya hoses, i.e. the houses 3,6,10 and 11. They also give favorable results when they are conjoined with or aspected by lords of beneficial houses particularly yoga karaka planets i.e. those who own both a Kendra (Quadrant) and a trikona (trine) even if such planets may be natural benefics or natural malefics. Rahu's transits show where someone is likely to expand, driven, try new things and disperse their energy into materialistic pursuits. Ketu's transits show where someone is likely to experience restriction, detachment, completion or focus and deepen their spiritual pursuits. If both the running period & transit effects are bad, the overall effect ought to be bad. . It takes 18 years to complete the 12 zodiac signs for them.  In each house Rahu & ketu stays for one and half year
To understand the influence of Rahu Ketu in our chart we must learn about their shadow nature. This is the most important factor in when dealing with the influence of the nodes. They are only points in the Zodiac therefore they are unable to enact their effect on their own. The nodes take on the characteristics of their depositor, as they have no substance themselves. It is very important to study the sign, position and placement of the depositor. Rahu is a planet of materialism and gives material gains in a particular area. It gives extremely good results in Kendras & Trikonas. If well placed it gives happiness. If well aspected it gives happiness, acquisition of wealth & a powerful position. But it also gives mental anxieties; it creates conditions wherein you really cannot enjoy material gains. If not well placed & not well aspected it can give loss of position, legal hassles & misfortune. Ketu, on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the house it is transiting and force a person to think on a higher plane. It can result in turning the mind inwards to seek the ultimate truth.
The following is a general prediction based on this transit of the nodes for 12 zodiac signs. This is based on your natal moon sign (Rashi) placement. In any case, the specific results are heavily dependent on the basic strength of the natal chart and also the running mahadasha of the individual. A strong natal chart is a blessing from the heavens and minimizes all negativity. Also, as there are seven other planets in Vedic astrology, their placements and transits have to be taken into account for an accurate prediction. Conventionally rahu and ketu are held beneficial while transiting the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th sign from the natal moon of and individual.
Prediction about your Rahu and Ketu for different signs for the next eighteen months
Current Transit: Rahu in 9th & Ketu in 3rd house
For the natives of Aries moon sign Rahu is in the 9th house and Ketu is in the 3rd house.The next eighteen months will be a stabilization period in general.  You will get new position and happiness.  Excellent career opportunities arise resulting in positive outcome for your career. You will enjoy very cordial relations with your bosses and seniors. You will vanquish most of your enemies. Carelessness can bring danger and humiliation. Blind faith on people could be harmful. Revolutionary changes are possible if command in field of art, fashion, journalism and communication is developed. There will be good flow of cash. Long term investments can also be made in established shares. Investment in properties can also be a good idea. But be cautions in investing money. Good time for sportsmen and artists. There will be a change in the living standard & life style.  On the family front, you might hear good news.
Due to transit of Ketu in your 3rd house you may find some obstructions in your work & authority will reduce in some areas but things will work to a large extent. Time is ideal for developing new commercial contracts. Do not get into controversial matters relating to occupation. Be clear while dealing with external people with respect to occupation and monetary matters. However, on health front, you have to take utmost care and do not neglect even a minor ailment. Your domestic happiness will be at stake. There is every possibility of having strained relations with co-borns.  Do not give scope for this. Throat and shoulder related problems might cause some concern. Power of intuition can develop bringing in religious or philosophical thoughts with faith in occult or pilgrimage. Visits to some religious or a place of spiritual significance will take place.

Current Transit: Rahu in 8th & Ketu in 2nd house. .
Rahu is in the 8th house and Ketu in the 2nd house. Not a very favorable position. .  You are likely to be cheated and duped by others. Business will not be profitable this year. Some wrong policies with respect to work could be cause of destruction.  Unwanted happenings will give some trouble. The influence of Rahu will be unfavorable giving obstructions and setbacks. Some of your plans will be shattered and you will have no clue whatsoever. Perhaps things will veer in such a way where even your best efforts might not yield adequate results.  Avoid changes in job. During this period even if you work hard you will not get due reward and you will have to struggle. You will have inflow of income after protracted struggle. With your tact and prudence, you will find the solutions to the problems you face. Your friends will be helpful though Rahu may cause some occasional bitterness. You may achieve your ambition or aims while acting with positive approach. You may get success in legal battles and overtake your enemies. There will be some dissatisfaction related to your family. Emotional tension might affect you.  Conjugal happiness will be marred, due to misunderstanding with life partner.  An ongoing love affair can take a sudden turn there you have to handle it with utmost care. You may also take interest in yoga and spiritualism. Ketu may cause malefic impact on the health. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, extreme care must be taken. The effect of climate along with the digestion related problems could bother you. Consult a good physician and avoid self-medication. For students there might be impediments in regular education but they will be able to overcome these and come out successful in competitive examinations. Prospects of going abroad are bright.

Current Transit: Rahu in 7th house S and ketu in Ascendant
Coming 18 Coming months will be an average period. 7Th placement of Rahu can invite some allegations & wrong decisions, so be cautious. As a businessman or entrepreneur you may face problems from unknown quarters.   Caution & suitable remedial measures can reduce the effect of adverse planets. Professionals may not find it easy going, as obstructions to their ideas or plans will be quite.  Extra care should be exercised when it comes to negotiations and one-on-one communications. Do not apt for a change of job as new placement might make you uncomfortable with rivalry in profession. Devious deals can take you to difficult situations.  Misunderstanding with your partner can do you some damage if you focus on words said instead of the meanings behind the words. Economic budget will topsy-turvy if you do not keep a check on your expenses. Expenses will be on the rise and some problems may have to be faced on account of parents. Restrict your craving for luxury and pleasures and you will be able to scrap through the next 18 months.
Caution should be the watchword in emotional matters. Marital happiness will be guaranteed if you maintain your chastity. Do not be egoistic in mutual relations and share the responsibility. Birth of a child will bring you joy.  Be careful while dealing with opposite sex. If unmarried choose your partner carefully. This period can also create problems in married life. Though domestic bliss can dominate for a while, there can be sudden change to the normal life, to the adverse side, upsetting the peace. Try to get self-confidence and get into a systematic life to come out of the chaos. Your social activities will develop at fast pace. You can receive unexpected gains as well. Ketu's placement may cause health problems. General health deterioration is likely. There may be gastric problems and back pain. Be careful in your food habits & consult Doctor when required. Chronic patients require regular check. The health of spouse and relationship needs extra care.

Current Transit: Rahu is in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house.
Rahu is in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house. Position of Rahu in 6’Th house is good. It gives you courage & mental strength. You will enjoy sound health. Rahu in 6’Th house provides excellent opportunities but it also gives uncertainties. Though there are sufficient chances for money inflow, risky transactions in business can invite losses. Your ability to analyze situations and organize your thoughts will see an ongoing negotiation some through. You may like to make certain changes in your strategies and this reshuffling will give you amazing results. If you are in service you will now attempt to project yourself well in the eyes of others. It may even motivate you to take up a new type or line of work, something you had earlier thought of and abandoned. Employees and subordinates will cooperate. You will have gains from foreign connections and people belonging to different religion. People associated with international work will get favorable situation.  You may have to undertake frequent travels connected with your profession.  There are chances of new associations and beginnings as new opportunities and changes may come.
On the personal front problems in marital life will be reduced. Differences of opinion within family members will be reduced. Domestic harmony will be maintained. Difficulties will be faced in family matters but will be overcome with mutual understandings. Those looking for marriage will tie the nuptial knot after considerable delay. On the health front you will not have problems but overstrain can spoil your health, for which special care become necessary. Chronic patients can expect some relief. Physical problems will respond to appropriate treatment. Success through occultism and spiritual pursuits may take place. Students progress only moderately.

Current Transit: Rahu is now in the 5th house and Ketu in the 11th.
Next eighteen months will give you the courage and stamina, which you were lacking. This period will show extreme conditions sometimes you will reach great heights and face disappointments at other times. You are likely to face some embarrassing situations. Avoid unwanted arguements.You should take care in adding new friends. There could be a temptation of indulging in wrong activities
Your sharp intellect and practical nature will be put to good use. This will be a good period for professionals. You will earn a lot of respect and money but will not be able to save it. Those in business will get their problems reduced and will have more opportunities. You may get co-operation with some of those who actually help you in furthering your business prospects. You are happy and relaxed as there is balance and harmony at home and synergy in the work area. There can be small gains and money flow in speculation or creative works even in the midst of small financial problems. Students will get success due to special support from others. As concentration can go lacking, progress in studies can get halted demanding concerted efforts. Researches may have to step up their efforts, as their project works can slow down. Married couple will not enjoy happy moments. Those willing to do love marriage will be successful in getting partner from other community. Charitable disposition or religious inclination can make you prefer a pilgrimage. Health will be moderate. Adequate steps should be taken to improve health.

Current Transit: Rahu is in the 4th house and Ketu in the 10th house.
You will get the combined effect of these transits as rahu in 4th house is inimical whereas Ketu is favorable in 10th house.  In the Next eighteen months will give you average effect of these transits. Some emotional issues can create a lot of problems for you as sentiments and emotions cloud your vision. Emotive matters can also take a turn and get too intense therefore be on your guard right from the beginning to this sort of situation.  Issues relating with property could also be a source of tension. Be extra cautious before finalizing any property deal.  There will be lack of mental peace, obstacles & strains, which could make you tense. Cold attitude from the near dear could make you a little unhappy. You will be easily attracted by the opposite sex and pushed to a corner, if you lose your direction. Your health seems to be vulnerable to infections and other contaminated diseases.  Do not neglect matters relating to your health either; you may tend to take your health for granted, this too needs nurturing.  Mother will need attention.  A love affair can bring some solace. There could be some novelty at house and workplace.  In spite of misunderstandings you will continue to enjoy marital life.
You will bring changes in anyplace and it would also be necessary to bring balance and systematic working style in wealth related matters. Ketu in 10”Th house might create some problems at work. Whatever be the area of work you will make changes in the work according to situation.  Career front may be enterprising and enjoyable , but you may not avoid transfer. There might be delay in promotion & unfavorable transfers are also possible. Even though there will be tolerable income expenses can escalate with some wastage also. Businessmen will come out successful in the face of stiff competition from opponents, after struggle and delay. Be careful in your investments as well.  Students will not be in a position to solely concentrate on their studies. Those who have completed their education will be suitably employed. Overseas chance will be delayed.

Current Transit: Rahu is in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house.
This period will be moderately good. Rahu in your 3”rd house will give you material comforts & ketu in 9”Th house will make you more spiritual & religious. There might be an increase in interest in the occult and religious activities. There are chances of having short journeys especially religious trips with family members and friends can prevail.  You will have tremendous courage and confidence to pursue goals convincingly. A lot of excitement will also be there as passion for sharing, learning and developing your communication skills overflows in many areas of your life.  Some difficult responsibilities might be assigned, which will be successfully completed through effective communication. Some secret foes will try to hinder your work. Do not lend money to anybody without surety otherwise recovery will be difficult.  You will be successful over your enemies. Professionals will find the going smooth.  They will be able to enjoy the atmosphere at work. A lot of your plans are likely to be executed. New challenges will be there and you will be able to meet them squarely. As an entrepreneur or businessperson you will get many good opportunities in this period if planning to start something new or an expansion of the present setup is also indicated. You will manage your financial affairs intelligently, by controlling your expenditure
Sound health is foreseen, however, your father’s health could suffer Sometimes. Lack of interest and depressed state of affairs will disturb the marital life. Students should do very well by dint of sheer determination. Success in competitive examination is indicated.

Current Transit: Rahu is now in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house. 
Both the nodes being unfavorable, this is a difficult period. Ketu in 8”Th house gives health problems. A surgery, an accident or injury lurks. You may also have to visit dentist. Exhaustion, restlessness might set in. There might be tensions at home. Ups and downs will be seen with respect to family members.  You might feel that others are opposing your plans. Expenses will be made without planning.   Love affairs will have to pass through acid test and share the responsibilities.  Be honest and serious in your emotions.  A confrontation with authorities or bosses could prove disastrous therefore try to avoid this sort of situation.  Try to compromise and adjust and take a soft approach when meeting people in authority.  It is advisable to be prudent in matters of career. Avoid hasty and rash decisions when it comes to change. Your responsibilities will much increase and you will give good account of your performance. Do not go into controversial matters related to occupation this year. Health problems will also create some concern. Trouble from the government side will add to your problem.  Work pressures will loom large and you will find it difficult to cope with them.  Some of your plans can also meet with obstacles. Refrain from risk taking activities; take the tried and tested route. If you are tactful and remain cool, you will overcome all these difficulties. Excessive speech may harm you. This period will provide a lot of opportunities for education. Students will get success due to special support from others. Little effort will teach them the difference between success and failure. Luck will be fully favorable but how you make the best use of cooperation is very important.

Current Transit: Rahu is in the 1st and Ketu in the 7th house.
Rahu gives lot of indulgence in the materialist affairs while Ketu gives serious malefic impact. Transit of both Rahu & ketu will remain inimical. Rahu in 1’st house can give you general weakness, which might reduce your dynamism. Health could cause some disappointment and there are chances of getting infection. Control in your food habits & proper medication can solve that problem. There will be a tendency to skip work and develop lethargic attitude. Occasional health hazards, financial constraint, dissatisfaction, fearlessness, incisiveness and criticism may give physical as well as mental strain.  Lots of efforts are required in profession. Some unwanted people will eye at your projects.  Your financial position seems tight.  Business will require a lot of hard work and undergo tough time. Works will face lot of obstacles and nothing can be completed easily unless you use your foresightedness, cleverness and analyzing the situations.  You need to be careful with partners and colleagues because they can easily dupe you.  Career front will be moderately rewarding.  Though promotion is not assured, you will be in a position to   recover the pending arrears & dues.  Marital discords can mar conjugal happiness. Those with strong indicative adverse directions may have to confront a divorce or serious illness of the partner. Planned marriages may flop.  Youth trying to get married will get fortunate partners. Students will progress well.  They will have success in competitive examinations.  Overseas chances do not look bright.

Current Transit: Rahu is in the 12th and Ketu in the 6th house.
This period of 1-1/2 year will give you better returns.  Some of your plans that either did not take off or were abandoned earlier shall revive by dint of good luck.  By and large you will enjoy normal health. Health problems that you had in the past would subside & this feeling of good health will help you to achieve your targets easily. You shall get over your problems with your intelligence & abilities. The tensions and physical problems will reduce.  Enemies will constantly bother you but you will succeed after a few difficulties. 6’Th house Ketu will give you score victory over enemies. You may also get a legal victory. Overconfidence will be strongly marked. Control the habit of taking instant decisions and over speculation otherwise expenses could rise leading to financial losses. Rahu in 12Th house will make you spend more. A change of residence is possible. Great care is to be taken to prevent marital discord. New offers for a better job will arrive to those who are unemployed. As the 12th house rules the sub conscious, developments may take place to activate the same. Physicians, surgeons will have favorable and gainful time.
Name, fame and wealth would be obtained from divine strength. Unfavorable conditions will be made favorable. Obstacles in business will recede & economically you would be better off. Students will get rewards for the efforts put in. there are good combinations for higher Education.

Current Transit: Rahu would be in the 11th while Ketu would be in the 5th house.
Rahu’s transit over the eleventh house will result in an increase in income, positive changes in profession and fulfillment of long cherished desires.  New position, wealth, income and honor will give you the needed strength. You will gain popularity among business society and gain profits. Your ideas will be well taken by others raising your achievements to the optimum level.  Your moral will be up as many events take place in your favor. Control the attitude of getting rich overnight and greedy mentality otherwise destructive circumstances will be created leading to loss of savings. Money will be spent for the sake of children. If entering into a professional life then you will be able to establish yourself easily.  A successful foreign trip or a travel to a distant place can bring in small gains or acquisition of jewels and securities. A long journey will make you happy and bring fortune. If you are a regular player in the stock market then by and large you will get good results during this period.  You attempt difficult tasks, resolve complicated issues and handle a multitude of activity.You will purchase some property.  One or two visits to hospitals may be required for sound health. 
The situations at home and family will give mixed results.  Matters relating to family land and property could arise. Problems relating to legal heirs could be sorted out to some extent but family members will be the cause of dissatisfaction.  It is extremely necessary to safeguard the self respect. Use ability to make the family atmosphere cordial.  In love life wavering mind will shock others. Mind and heart will choose opposite directions but follow the mind.  Promise related to marriage might not be fulfilled because family conditions will create dissonance. Students will go ahead successfully with grades being improved. They can move to a distance place or a foreign country for further studies.

Current Transit: Ketu transits in your 4th house while Rahu in the 10th house.
 Rahu’s transit of 10th house will ward off or neutralize the ill effects of ketu’s transit in the 4th house. The next eighteen months will be moderately good.  Ketu in 4”Th house will try to disturb the mental peace and cause some health concerns. Domestic happiness can be impaired disturbing the peace and tranquility. There can be some marital discord but later things can improve. Phlegmatic, infection & lungs problems may be there. Disputes regarding land, house or vehicle may crop up. Lawsuits can give you worries. Period is not good for mother.  Rahu in 10”Th house will give new job opportunity. Professional life will be enjoyable.  Transfer to a new place can not be avoided, Those seeking job, promotions,  foreign postings will get positive results. Subordinates will co-operate and help. Do not antagonize those in power. There will be new relationships, which will add color to your life
New avenues for investment & profitable ventures will open up. Help from father or higher authorities will help you in achieving your goals. Ketu on the other hand is not good. A probable loss through a property or conveyance may need caution. Recovery of pending dues may become a problem.  Financial position doesn’t look much promising. Expenses will outweigh your income. Business people will face initial hurdles and delays.  Their profit margin will be moderate.
For students it may disrupt the education but Rahu will somehow or the other try to keep the things in order.  Their grades may come down. Change of place and unexpected hurdles may come in their way for success in studies. Employment chances look good but , but overseas attemts may fail.   Matters of heart & marriage proposals will get a boost.
Romance and emotional attachments can suffer slightly. Promise related to marriage might not be fulfilled because family conditions will create dissonance. Affairs of  mother and siblings  will be the cause of concern, in the domestic sphere.
There will be inclination towards Study of spiritual & religious. However, children might cause some tension. Ketu in the fifth house shows mental worries and tension due to children. Pregnant women must be extremely cautious. Students must be very thorough in their studies otherwise results can be disastrous. Friends and unfavorable atmosphere might cause some disturbance in education. During this period health will not be satisfactory. An injury cannot be ruled out. Those with chronic ailments must be extra careful. Those involved in high-risk activities may be exposed to danger

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