Friday, September 9, 2011

Nostradamus' prophecies 2012

Disasters in Nostradamus' prophecies 2012


Our earth is constantly loosing the south pole. We are experiencing this and people don't even know about this phenomenon. Final stage of this is called pole shift, which can occur on December 21th 2012 according to our scientists. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are happening more and more often. All Greece was in fire in 2007 and people couldn't manage it at all. Country was devastated - turned from paradise to hell in few days. Many people lost their homes, everything. But it's not only Greece and fire... There was 80 earthquakes in March 2010. Thousands people have died and we were hopeless. Island's volcano erupted, causing paralysis of European airports for weeks or maybe even months. Tornadoes, tsunamis, , floods... In last years, it has became common... What will happen in 2012? God bless us all..

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